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Hi! I am Mayank Singh.
I make and break Things.
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  • App Development

    I provide custom Web, Mobile and Ecommerce app development services. I also take server maintainence and administration contracts.

  • IoT Development

    I design and develop Internet of Things devices. I can deliver a complete platform if you provide me with the list of functionalities.

  • Graphics Design

    I do Logo, Banner, Flyer, Poster, Social media posts, Channel cover, Infographics, etc. Try my custom stationery documents package for Bussiness cards, Letteheads,etc.

  • UI & UX Design

    I provide wireframing and application design services. In my opinion great experience is not possible without great design. I incorporate best design practices in my work in order to deliver best user experience.

  • Content Writing and SEO

    I aim to provide useful and SEO optimized content designed to keeping eyeballs glued to the platform. I also undertake long term backlink building and social media management contracts.



These “why me” reasons should be enough to convince someone who is looking for a developer.

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  • Top notch quality

    Nothing less than the best

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  • Speedy turn around

    But don’t forget me being a human

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  • Always ready to chat

    Except for when I am dreaming

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  • Email Availability 9.5/10

    I mean it - Test it now

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  • Affordable

    Don’t mix it up with “Cheap”

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